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What is the tuition due date?

For Summer 2014 Boulder Evening Session 1 and Independent Learning Sessions IL 3, IL 4, and IL 1, tuition is due June 18. For Boulder Evening Session 2 and Independent Learning IL 2, tuition is due July 16.

For Fall 2014 Boulder Evening and Independent Learning Full Session and Session 1 tuition is due September 24. For Boulder Evening and Independent Learning Session 2 tuition is due November 3.

Can I have my Continuing Education course tuition put on my main campus schedule/bill?

No. Continuing Education tuition is separate from main campus tuition.

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I can’t remember my IdentiKey. How do I find out what it is?

You can contact the IT Service Center at 303-735-HELP (303-735-4357) or stop by their office on the first floor of the Technology Learning Center on 18th Street on the Boulder campus.

How do I change my address?

You can change your address by logging on to MyCUInfo. Changing your address via MyCUInfo will change/update it for all university offices except Wardenburg Health Center, the University Libraries, and the payroll office.

How do I get my grades?

Grades can be accessed through MyCUInfo.

How do I get an official transcript?

Official transcripts may be ordered from the Transcript Office in one of three ways: signed letter request – Transcript Requests, 68 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309; signed FAX request – 303-492-4884; on the Web via MyCUInfo.

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Boulder Evening

Who are the Boulder Evening instructors?

Many of them are graduate students and instructors who teach the same classes on the Boulder campus. They all have been approved by the academic departments.

Are credits earned through Boulder Evening the same as credits earned through main campus?

Yes, all credit courses offered through Continuing Education carry the same credits as courses offered through main campus.

How will Boulder Evening classes show on a CU transcript? Will there be any reference to Continuing Education?

No, there is no distinction between Boulder Evening classes and main campus classes on a CU transcript.

Do grades earned in Boulder Evening classes affect an overall CU Grade Point Average (GPA)?


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Will ACCESS students earn credit for the courses they complete?

Credits earned as a nondegree student may apply toward degree requirements once a student is admitted to an undergraduate or graduate degree program. However, the schools and colleges establish applicability of these credits toward degree requirements and limits plus transfer credit criteria may vary by department.

Students may also request to take an ACCESS course for pass/fail or no credit when they enroll using web registration, or by completing a Pass/Fail, No-Credit Request form at the Continuing Education Center. Tuition is the same, whether or not the course is taken for credit, pass/fail, or no credit.

Do ACCESS students pay fees?

ACCESS students pay student fees based on the number of hours enrolled. Student fee information is available on the ACCESS and Nondegree Tuition Rates schedule.

Students may be able to waive all student fees except for the computing fee and course fees. Call 303-492-2212 for more information or complete the fee waiver form available at Continuing Education.

Should ACCESS students purchase a student ID card?

Students are required to purchase the Buff OneCard. The card can be purchased for $30 in N180 Center for Community (C4C), just east of Regent Hall.

Are ACCESS students eligible for financial aid?

Some ACCESS students may be eligible for subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans, Federal Direct PLUS Loans, and Outreach Grants. Note that funds for nondegree students are limited. Call 303-492-8252 to set up an appointment with our financial aid advisor.

Are international students eligible to enroll through ACCESS?

International students interested in taking courses at CU-Boulder, without formally applying, may enroll as nondegree students. Contact the International English Center at 303-492-5547 for more information and to obtain an Approval to Register form which should be submitted with your completed application.

What if an ACCESS student has a disability that requires special accommodation?

Students should contact the Office of Disability Services at least 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the term in which they plan to enroll to request special accommodation at 303-492-8671 (Voice and TTY).

Do campus policies apply to ACCESS students?

Students attending the University of Colorado Boulder through the ACCESS Program are governed by the same campus policies as degree students. General campus policies are described in the University of Colorado Catalog. An honor code was established to secure for students an environment in which all individuals have responsibility for, and are appropriately recognized for, their individual academic and personal achievements.

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Independent Learning

How much do Independent Learning courses cost and how do I pay?

Tuition and fees are set by the Colorado Department on Higher Education (CDHE) and must cover all costs of instruction and administration. Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration. A 1% service charge will be assessed on the unpaid balance, and a financial stop will be placed on your record. All tuition and refund determinations are subject to audit. Independent Learning and CDHE reserve the right to change rates without notice.

Tuition is $355 per semester hour for online self-paced and term-based courses ($366 per semester effective fall 2014).  You can pay for your course by check, money order, or credit card at the time of enrollment.

Is financial aid available for Independent Learning courses?

Generally, no. However, Continuing Education has some scholarships for nontraditional students who are at least 22 years of age. Funds are limited. Call 303-492-5148 for more information on the Nontraditional Student Scholarship or download the Scholarship Application.

You may also seek alternative student loan options from private lending institutions. Call the Office of Financial Aid at 303-492-4518 for more information.

To receive VA benefits (cost of course reimbursement only), you must be accepted into an approved degree or certificate program or have submitted to the VA Office a statement of professional objectives with an outline of courses to achieve those objectives. To receive full benefits, more than one-half of each term’s course work must be taken in regular campus classes. Benefits are not granted for proficiency-increasing postgraduate studies. For information contact the CU-Boulder Veterans’ Services in the Office of Financial Aid at 303-492-7322.

Can I have my Independent Learning tuition put on my main campus schedule/bill?

No. Continuing Education tuition is separate from main campus tuition.

Are refunds offered if I withdraw?

Self-paced courses:

You may drop a course within 40 calendar days of enrollment without any mark on your transcript. You will receive a full refund of tuition. You may drop the course in person, by mail, fax, or email. Refunds will typically be issued within six weeks. You may withdraw from a self-paced course without a refund anytime before you take the final examination. Your transcript will show a mark of W.

Term-based courses:

Each term there will be a drop/refund calendar published. You’ll be notified of the refund schedule in your registration confirmation. Pay careful attention to the fact that you may drop the course only during the full-refund period; if you withdraw during the partial-refund period, a mark of W will appear on your transcript. View more information on term-based course procedures.

My company is paying for this course. What do I need to do?

Businesses handle these payments in different ways. You will need to obtain a letter (or purchase order, or other official document) from your employer indicating that they will pay for your course(s). You must to bring this letter (or other document) with you at the time you enroll. You may also fax or mail this letter with your registration form to Independent Learning, University of Colorado Boulder, 178 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0178. Fax: 303-492-5335. Payment may be made by check, money order, or credit card.

If your company will also be paying for your textbooks for the course, please indicate this on the letter (or other document) and we will arrange billing with the CU Book Store and bill your textbooks to your employer with the tuition. The CU Book Store ships books via UPS.

How long do I have to complete the course? How fast can I complete my course?

You have 6 months to complete a self-paced online course. Term-based courses follow a set schedule, usually the span of a semester.

While we require a minimum of 6 weeks (or two weeks per credit hour) between enrollment and final grade, don’t expect to complete a course in this time period. All of the courses are the equivalent of a regular, main campus course. You should plan and prepare assignments carefully and allow time for thoughtful responses from your instructor (10-14 days). Most instructors limit the number of assignments to two in a seven day period.

Our students report that the typical course takes 3-5 months to complete. Plan ahead, and don’t expect RUSH or special treatment.

What about extensions? Can I extend the time limit required to complete a course?

Term-based courses may not be extended. Self-paced online courses may be extended for an additional 6 months. Only one extension is allowed. There is a $65 per credit hour fee for extending your course. You will not be notified that you need to extend.

What if I don’t complete my course?

If you do not complete your course within the time limit, you must formally withdraw before the expiration date in order to receive a W on your transcript. If you do not withdraw before the expiration date, you will receive an F. If you need additional time to complete your course, you can request a 6-month extension for self-paced online courses for a fee of $65 per credit hour. It is your responsibility to keep track of your expiration date. We will not notify you when your course is about to expire.

How many courses can I take at one time?

Students from outside the University may take as may courses at once as they like, but we strongly suggest no more than two courses at a time. CU-Boulder degree students from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Journalism and Mass Communication Program, and the Leeds School of Business may take up to two courses at once, and may petition their dean to take more than two.

When can I enroll?

You may enroll in self-paced courses at any time. Term-based courses have specific enrollment periods that change every term. Go to this link for information on term-based courses.

Are any courses online?

Yes. Independent Learning offers online term-based and self-paced courses. View the course list. There is also general information about the online course format along with instructions on how to log on to a course.

Can I see the syllabus for a course?

All information for online courses is on the Web. View our course list and choose the course that meets your needs. Click on the course detail at the end of the course description to get more information about the course.

The course description lists a prerequisite. Do I have to take the prerequisite?

The prerequisite is required unless you already have the equivalent experience/education. In this case, you may proceed without taking the prerequisite. Please be aware that if you begin a course without the prerequisite, you may not get the best experience out of a class, particularly with term-based courses. The instructors will not have time to review the basics you should already know. Some institutions will not allow transfer credit for a course if you don’t have the prerequisite. Check with your advisor if you are uncertain.

I’m a full-time student at one of the other CU campuses. Am I eligible to take Independent Learning courses?

Yes, you are eligible to take up to two Independent Learning courses at one time.

Will my grade appear on a transcript?

Yes, your grade will appear on your CU-Boulder transcript.

I need a particular course to graduate. How can I be sure that my grade will go through in time for graduation?

It is solely the student’s responsibility to make sure all course work and exams are completed in a timely basis so that a final grade will be posted to your transcript in time for graduation. This usually means completing all course work and exams (getting them to the instructor) at least 5 weeks before you expect to graduate.

Can I earn a certificate in any area?

Yes. Independent Learning offers a certificate program in Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA).

Who should I talk to for advising?

We provide the services of academic advisors for Independent Learning students. Visit the Student Resources page to make an online appointment and an advisor will return your call at the scheduled time.

Where are the Boulder campus computer labs located?

Go to for a list of computer labs on campus. You will most likely have to set up an IdentiKey account to access most public computers on campus. See for more information.

What are the benefits of taking a course through Independent Learning?

Even before you enroll for a course through Independent Learning, you can receive personalized academic advising and scheduling assistance. After you enroll, you will have a study guide prepared specifically for students who are learning at a distance and who need flexibility for scheduling time. You will have access to your course 24 hours a day. This means that you can post discussion responses or turn in assignments anytime.

In addition, you can reread the instructor’s commentary – something you can’t do in a lecture hall. In many of the web-based courses, the instructors are going beyond the traditional quiz approach and providing “out in the field” assignments for real-life individualized feedback from the instructor. Other benefits include multiple web-based resources that you can access even after the class is over as references in your future studies. Many instructors also are gearing their assignments to fit your learning style preferences and to support your areas of interests within the subject area. You learn at a pace you choose, with control over when and where to study, all without disrupting family or career responsibilities.

How does an Independent Learning course compare to a main campus course at CU-Boulder?

The appropriate academic department has approved all independent learning courses. In addition, the department has approved the instructor. Courses are accredited as a part of the campus accreditation process. Courses are designed to match the course on campus, though they may not be exactly the same and may not use the same textbook. Students tell us that the courses take about the same or slightly more effort than a live campus course. Finally, there tends to be more written work and instructor feedback in independent learning courses and, obviously, no face-to-face interaction with instructors or classmates.

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High School Concurrent

How do I enroll?

First, talk to your high school counselor and your parent/guardian about your interest and how the program will work for you. Next, complete the application and approval process. If you are planning to enroll in the fall, the process will begin in April. If you are planning to enroll in the spring, the process will begin in October. You must complete the application and approval process EACH semester you intend to enroll. Request an application folder by emailing If you are enrolled in Boulder Valley or St. Vrain Valley school district, you can also obtain an application folder from your counseling office. Once your application is processed, you will receive an Invitation to Register, complete with all the information you will need to enroll in courses when ACCESS registration opens.

Who pays?

Students are responsible for paying their tuition by the deadlines established by Continuing Education. Students who are eligible for district reimbursement will be reimbursed by their school district at the end of the term for the successful completion of the previously approved courses. Note: the district will not reimburse for course fees, books, supplies, transportation, and other expenses associated with their university course work. In addition, only approved ACCESS (Boulder Main campus) courses are eligible for reimbursement.

How do I know if I am eligible for enrollment and reimbursement?

Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to the student’s high school counselor or the district superintendent’s office.

Can I still enroll even if I am ineligible for reimbursement?

Your eligibility to enroll is separate from your eligibility to be reimbursed, however, your counselor and parent/guardian must approve your enrollment regardless.

Am I admitted to CU-Boulder as a High School Concurrent Student?

As a High School Concurrent student, you are considered a nondegree-seeking student. This means you are not formally admitted to a specific degree program and will register for Boulder Main campus (daytime) courses via ACCESS on a space-available basis. You will not be able to register until after CU degree-seeking students, but this does not mean you will not be able to get in. Most courses will have space available or offer a wait list to which you can add your name so that as other students drop the course, you can be rolled in automatically.

How do I find out what courses are available?

Visit Choose CU Boulder, the current term, and Boulder Main Campus  to view ACCESS courses. Next, click on select subject and enter 4-letter department abbreviation (i.e., ARTS, CHEM, PSCI), and a course number (if you know it).

What is MyCUInfo and do I have to use it?

MyCUInfo is the online campus portal that gives you access to your CU student email account, campus announcements, semester schedule, book lists, clicker registration, assignments posted by your professor, your final grades, and more. The short answer is yes – you have to use it! To access MyCUInfo, you will need to activate your IdentiKey (login) and create a password after you enroll in a course. Go to MyCUInfo and follow the instructions on your Invitation to Enroll.

Can I purchase a CU student ID card and student fee package? Do I have to?

Both the Buff OneCard ($30) and student fee package (approx $450) are OPTIONAL for high school concurrent students. The fee package includes recreation center membership, an RTD bus pass, and more. Note: students who choose not to purchase the fee package and/or Buff OneCard still have library and computer lab privileges across campus.

How do I find out about my grade at the end of term?

Your grades will not be mailed to your home. You will access your grades by logging on to MyCUInfo.

Will the college credits I earn be applied toward a degree at CU? What about another college or university?

All appropriate college credit accrued at the University prior to high school graduation will be accepted toward an undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado Boulder as long as the grade is satisfactory. If you intend to attend a college or university other than CU-Boulder, chances are great that the credit will transfer, however, we encourage you to contact that college in advance to be sure.

Keep in mind – when you participate in this program, you are beginning your collegiate career, and your transcripts are a permanent record. Successful completion of college course work can be an excellent boost in your ability to be admitted to the college of your choice. However, if you earn a GPA of less than a 2.0 (this is a C- or lower) in your college course work, you may negatively impact your chances for admission.

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Summer Session

Who is eligible for Summer Session?

Degree and nondegree students may take Summer Session. Students who have been dismissed for academic reasons are generally eligible for Summer Session (there are a few exceptions). For more information call 303-492-5148.

Is a discounted tuition rate available for nonresident students for Summer Session?

The tuition schedule for Summer is by the credit hour. Because there is not a flat rate until 14 hours for nonresident students, there is no discounted tuition for Summer.

What’s Maymester?

Maymester is a 3 week term immediately after spring commencement. It is part of Summer Session. Because of the intensive format, students may take only one class.

What’s FIRST?

Faculty-in-Residence Summer Term is a program that brings world class faculty from around the world to teach on the Boulder campus.

Can nondegree students enroll before classes begin for Summer Session?

Nondegree students may begin enrolling in March for classes.

Is there a program for high school students during Summer Session?

Yes. Summer Session and Summer Study Programs (SSP) offer a program for high school juniors and seniors. Students live on campus, take one credit class through summer session and do lots of fun activities.

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