The University of Colorado Boulder welcomes visiting students from around the world. Experience American culture, make friends, enjoy Boulder, and take advantage of a top-notch university. International students have two options for enrollment as nondegree students.  Details below will help you find the best path for your CU-Boulder enrollment this summer:

Option #1:   International travelers who enter the United States on a Visa Waiver or on a B1/B2 Tourist Visa

U.S. Immigration law prohibits any full-time study for students who enter the U. S. on the visa waiver program or on B1/B2 tourist visas. Visitors on B1/B2 tourist visas, or on the visa waiver program, enroll in a maximum of one (1) 3-credit course only if the following criteria are met:

    • Enrollment in University of Colorado Boulder course(s) will be solely for recreational purposes;
    • Course work will not be considered full time; and the course will not be used for credit toward a degree, diploma, or certificate;
    • Enrollment will be limited to one credit course per semester. Noncredit enrollment will not exceed 18 clock hours per week;
    • The course(s) are only incidental to the tourist’s visit to the U.S., and are not the main purpose of the visit.

To Apply:

Option #2:  International citizens who want to study at CU-Boulder on a full-time basis on an F1 student visa

The University of Colorado Boulder welcomes visiting students from around the world. Experience American culture, make friends, enjoy Boulder and take advantage of a great university. International students who are requesting a form I-20 (for an F-1 visa) are required to enroll full time. Full-time enrollment for summer is 6 credits for undergraduate and 3 credits for graduate students.

To Apply:

In order to be eligible for you must complete:

and submit them with the following items:

    • A transcript showing graduation from high school
    • A copy of your passport page with biographical date information
    • Proof of TOEFL PB/IBT/IELTS of 537/75/6.5
    • A bank letter indicating adequate funds (see Financial information on Request an I-20 Form)

If you have questions, please email

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