Continuing Education & Professional Studies

Continuing Education offers innovative, lifelong learning opportunities to a diverse student population by extending the educational resources of the University of Colorado Boulder.

This catalog includes Boulder Evening, Independent Learning term-based courses, CU on the Weekend and a complete list of our Professional Studies offerings.

Summer Session

CU-Boulder's Summer Session offers over 500 courses including Maymester, Faculty in Residence, and special featured courses.

Independent Learning

IL Brochure Independent Learning is CU-Boulder's distance learning program that provides traditional undergraduate and graduate classes online, by correspondence, or through individualized instruction.


ACCESS Brochure ACCESS (Available Credit Classes for Eligible Students)
ACCESS enables nondegree or visiting students to take undergraduate or graduate courses. Use the ACCESS program to work toward enrolling in a degree program in the future.

CAETE Advanced Engineering and Technology Education

CAETE is the distance learning and professional studies arm of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. CAETE offers flexible and convenient access to post-graduate course work, certificate programs, advanced degrees, and professional development courses in engineering, technology, computers, and business management. Courses are delivered via the Internet, CD-ROM, and/or in the classroom during the evenings, weekends, and on site.