August 8, 2013

Thinking About Changing Careers? The Career Exploration Workshop Can Help

“It is never too late to be who you might have been,” said George Eliot, a famed English novelist. She was so determined to be a published author in the 1800s, she chose a male pen name to ensure her works were taken seriously.

Indeed, it is never too late to pursue your career dreams. Eliot’s advice and determination could serve as a model for modern-day career changers, and the Career Exploration Workshop can help translate those dreams into a reality.

In the Career Exploration Workshop, you will begin to identify who you are through your interests, values, skills, strengths, and personality type, in addition to exploring how this information relates to a career. With Career Advisor Dahlia Smith as a guide, participants will integrate various methods for self-assessment and tracking career passions.

“(The workshop) just changed everything. That’s all I can say; it changed everything,” said Robin White, workshop alumna. “It helped me take everything apart and decide what was important to me.”

This hands-on class will assist you in finding a satisfying career direction, whether you are making a career change or just beginning to enter the job market. After the class, participants will have access to Continuing Education’s individual career advising sessions.

White’s advice: “You have to work from the inside out; you can’t just work on your outside skills. And through that process it revealed really wonderful things about myself that I had not even discovered and I would not have discovered without this process. It’s been life changing.”

The six-week class begins Sept. 4 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Enroll today! Tuition is $190. Continuing Education offers a Nontraditional Student Scholarship for funding towards the cost of one course. Non-degree-seeking students age 22+ are eligible to apply for the competitive funding based on an essay.

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