January 2, 2013

Power of the Consumer and Other New Evening Courses Begin Spring Semester

The holidays are wrapped up, but consumers’ thirst for goods should continue long after the holiday season. Students can learn about consumers and their power to shape business behavior in the new Boulder Evening course, Values and the Power of the Consumer in Society, CESR 4821. The course is exclusively for non-business students and is one of several new evening courses offered this spring.

Values and the Power of the Consumer in Society, CESR 4821, is about helping students to appreciate the context in which modern business operates to understand the critical role that consumers play in the free market. This course will help students develop an understanding of the different roles business can play in our world and the options and limitations that consumers have to influence just how business behaves by exerting their purchasing power. In this class, students will learn the basics of each functional area of business with basic overview lectures and textbook readings in part one, the context section of the course. The course is offered on Thursdays beginning Jan. 24.

Learn more about the course on the course’s facebook page.

What Else is New?

Boulder Evening is also offering the following new courses this semester.

Landscape and Cinema, FILM 2003, examines a range of films that feature landscape as an undeniable presence and persona within the world of the film, without which such a story would not be possible. Such depictions of landscape reveal an intricate relationship between the external physical world and the internal meanings we create from it. Thus, the aim of this course is to understand the interconnectedness between human beings, the environment (both human-made and natural), and our visualization of that relationship. The class will make use of documentaries, narrative (fiction) films, as well as experimental cinema in order to understand how landscape operates both as a protagonist and as a visual subject. The course is offered on Wednesdays beginning Jan. 23.

Advanced Topics in Sociology: Visual Sociology, SOCY 4131, emphasizes the development of critical thinking, media literacy, and the application of a sociological perspective to the analysis of visual media. It explores how visual media including advertisements, documentary photographs, graphic novels, and popular narrative films reflect the social conditions and values of the era and culture in which they are produced. SOCY 1001 is a prerequisite. The course is offered on Tuesdays beginning Jan. 22.

Special Topics in Geography: World Water Today & Tomorrow, GEOG 4110, brings the current state of human-environmental relations to light, using the element of water. Through class presentations, discussions, and readings, students will gain an understanding of the scope of water issues across the world, the terminology and units used to describe them, and specific information about key regions of the world, as singular representatives of the world today. Key attributes for investigation will be used throughout the course, giving students a framework for current, and future, study of these issues. Finally, elements driving future change—population and climate change— will be introduced to direct discussions and frame the possibilities for global water. A portion of this section will be taught online. The course is offered on Mondays beginning Jan. 28.

Continuing Education’s Boulder Evening program offers flexible options for CU credit through evening courses. Register using the myCUinfo portal under “Continuing Education.” For CU-Boulder degree students, tuition for Boulder Evening courses will be charged in addition to and separate from main campus tuition.

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